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Avec les pieds dans l'Auzon

Three short improvisations on acoustic bass.


At the end of June 2020, a couple of very dear friends of mine invited me to join them on a camping trip near the Ardèche, France. Just a few minutes down the mountain we found a waterfall leading to a hidden gorge carved out by the Auzon from the Sandrock surrounding it.

With our feet cascading on the water, accompanied by blue iridescent dragonflies and flickering sunlight, we knew what to do.

A few days later we returned armed with a camera, a zoom and Sebastian's old battered acoustic bass. The mood was right, the light was good and it all fell into place rather miraculously.

Trying to capture the richness of a spiritual encounter with Nature is always

a foolhardy task. Nevertheless we hope some of it may rub off on to you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Jelle Meeze is a Belgian composer, performer and educator.

Adept at both free improvisation, minimalism and traditional song structure,

he moves freely between bass, guitar, electronics, synth and flute. 


Zesty Indiefolk 

Electronic minimalism

Flemish hip-hop

Ethno-spacious improv

Mbira on acoustic bass

Solo acoustic improv

Zap Zaltan

Mbira Harare

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